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97%VideoMay 2013

Learn guitar with David Brent

(1:39) David Brent is launching a series of guitar tutorials on YouTube...

96%VideoAug 2012

Baby twins enjoy dad's guitar

(0:45) Two 11-month-old twin girls eating their peas. The look they share when dad begins playing guitar is priceless.


95%VideoJan 2012

Golden Retriever loves guitar

(1:22) Light entertainment with man's best buddy.


95%VideoMar 2013

Eric Roche smells like teen spirit

(5:43) American acoustic guitarist Eric Roche performs Nirvana's rocking anthem 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.


95%VideoApr 2016

Classical guitar shredding in Chile

(3:01) Great performance on the Plaza of Canete in Chile.


95%VideoApr 2016

Minimalist metal in Argentina

(3:41) Two young Argentinian musicians, guitarist Damian Salazar and drummer Zoppi Sebastia, blow passing minds in Buenos Aires.


95%VideoJul 2014

Josh Turner - Life in the Fast Lane (The Eagles cover)

(4:06) Having fun with a blues shuffle.

95%VideoDec 2010

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Tamacun

(3:14) Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela, lost in an intense live performance of Tamacun.


95%VideoDec 2011

Just a kid in a music shop

(2:47) Not just another day in the music shop, Brendan MacFarlane shows off his smokin' good voice, with dad on guitar.


95%VideoJul 2014

ShowHawk Duo - Tribute to Daft Punk

(5:02) Bristol guitar duo play a Daft Punk medley at Alice Park 2014.