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VideoJan 2020

TYT | The View triggered after Bernie takes lead

(10:14) Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss the low loevel of political conversation coming from The View.

VideoNov 2018

TYT | Trump's bromance with Emmanuel Macron is over

(9:06) Did French President Emmanuel Macron really say the EU needed an army to defend against the US?

VideoSep 2019

TYT | Warren and Bernie vs Biden on Medicare For All

(16:345) In the third Democratic presidential debate, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders joined forces to take down Joe Biden over Medicare For All. The Young Turks discuss.

VideoDec 2019

TYT | World leaders caught gossiping about Trump

(11:00) Cenk Uygur, Emma Vigeland, and Ana Kasparian discuss Trump's reaction to being laughed at.

VideoMay 2013

TYT - What Europeans really think of each other

(3:38) Pew Research poll finds what European Union members really think of each other. Some of the results were predictable if you follow stereotypes.


VideoFeb 2019

TYT - Trump's climate security head is a hard-core climate change denier

(7:12) Trump's new 'Climate Security' head William Happer has compared CO2 to Jews in the Holocaust.


VideoJun 2019

TYT | Angry Brits troll Trump

(10:24) The Young Turks panel discuss Trump and his marketing skills.


VideoSep 2019

TYT | Bernie Sanders: Billionaires should not exist

(10:06) Bernie Sanders just unveils his "wealth tax" plan. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss.

VideoAug 2017

TYT - Trump threatens N. Korea with "fire and fury like the world has never seen"

(12:12) Is Trump just blabbering off the cuff, or could he actually start WW3?


VideoApr 2014

TYT - Bush art

(5:35) March 2013: After his stint as US president, George W. Bush is dabbling in painting.