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VideoMar 2020

Exit polls show Bernie was robbed again

(6:57) According to the UN, exit poll discrepancies greater than 4% are considered election fraud.


VideoMay 2016

Memory card voter fraud exposed

(7:58) Mini election reconstruction with Diebold vote-counting machines to see if the memory cards alone could be hacked.


VideoJul 2014

How the markets are rigged against you

(18:59) Some people always win, some people always lose. CBC's Amanda Lang looks at ways the financial system is rigged against the rest of us.


VideoSep 2016

Climate Change Politics and Fraud

(8:59) Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder discuss climate change and some of the politics that surrounds it.

VideoOct 2015

Computerphile - Chip & PIN fraud explain

(8:44) Professor of Security Engineering Ross Anderson explains how Chip & PIN cards and machines are being compromised.

VideoOct 2016

Is Trump right when he says he's smart to pay no taxes?

(8:45) Investigative journalist David Cay Johnston explains Donald Trump's tax behaviour.

VideoFeb 2015

Computerphile - Why electronic voting is a terrible idea

(8:20) Voting is centuries old, why can't we move with the times and use our phones, tablets and computers?


VideoMay 2016

NYC voting machines that steal votes

(1:21) American citizen Eliot Crown exposes the unaccountable, untestable, privately-run voting machines used in the New York primaries.


VideoFeb 2014

Facebook Fraud

(9:00) What is the worth of a like on Facebook? Veratisium provides evidence that Facebook's revenue is based on fake likes.


VideoSep 2016

The difference between 'voter fraud' and 'election fraud'

(7:41) Bernie Sanders tweeted "Anybody claiming there is widespread voter fraud ... is a political coward". Jimmy Dore explains what Bernie was talking about.