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AnimationFeb 2019

The Good Stuff | When climate change was a hoax

(11:40) The fascinating story of "Rain follows the plow", and how it relates to the climate change denial we still have today.
The Good Stuff YT channel

VideoApr 2019

Amazon deforestation | 2000 - 2011

(2:52) The Amazon rainforest is shrinking at a rapid rate to provide land for farming and raising cattle.

VideoOct 2015

Fast food bandsaw butcher



VideoJan 2017

Design and innovation in vertical farming

(1:31) Innovations and the controlled environment in vertical farming allows growth of crops without the use of pesticides.

VideoJan 2018

Grace Dent - Vegans have got the British farming industry rattled

(2:45) Restaurant critic Grace Dent argues that the increasing numbers of British vegans has got UK farmers worried.


VideoDec 2018

Neoscribe | How to feed 10 billion people

(9:39) The UN expect the world population to grow to 9.7 billion by 2050. How will all these people be fed?

VideoApr 2020

MSNBC | The real reason grocery shelves are empty

(7:54) As Americans line up by the thousands at food banks, farmers are dumping gallons of milk and smashing eggs.

AnimationMar 2014

Meat Culture

(2:15) Animation raising awareness and discussion about cultured meat and its potential benefits in future food development.


VideoNov 2015

Cowspiracy: The Sustainable Secret - Review


VideoJul 2016

Whirlwind haymaking

(0:31) Dust devil blows hay into the air on an organic farm in West Sussex, England.