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87%VideoJan 2016

Are vertical farms the future of agriculture?

(10:58) The world requires farmland the area of South America to feed itself. Can vertical farms help to meet that need.

87%VideoMar 2016

Mechanical olive harvester at work

(0:41) How olives are harvested.


87%VideoJul 2016

FarmBot Genesis, world's first open-source farming machine

(5:42) FarmBot Genesis is humanity's first open-source CNC farming machine designed for at-home automated food production.


87%VideoJul 2016

How fresh is a fresh apple?

(5:17) Thoughty2 looks at the process a fresh apple takes before reaching you.


87%VideoSep 2016

Activists fly drone over California's stinkiest cattle ranch

(9:23) Animal rights activists visit The Harris Feeding Company to get some drone footage. But they were soon met with company and cops.

87%VideoOct 2016

Honest Ads - The Meat Industry

(3:55) If you like your meat, maybe don't watch this.


87%VideoNov 2016

Qatar's plan to turn the desert green

(8:37) Oil-rich Qatar is spearheading projects to tackle problems facing desert communities worldwide.

87%VideoJan 2017

Design and innovation in vertical farming

(1:31) Innovations and the controlled environment in vertical farming allows growth of crops without the use of pesticides.

87%VideoMay 2017

North Carolina hog farms spray manure around black communities

(16:54) Residents in North Carolina are battling one of the state's largest industries, hog farms, for spraying pig waste into the air as a way to get rid of it.

87%VideoMay 2017

Is the food you eat fake?

(18:40) Do you know what you are really eating?