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VideoMar 2020

CNN | Bernie responds to Trump's claim that Dems are plotting against him

(7:02) Bernie Sanders talks to CNN's Anderson Cooper ahead of the Super Tuesday vote.

VideoJan 2020

Stephen Colbert | Bernie Sanders: I will do everything I can to stop war with Iran

(12:24) Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes the United States has no business going to war with Iran.

VideoFeb 2020

The Rational National | Trump: I'd rather face Bloomberg than Bernie

(8:06) Trump says he would rather face Bernie. But is he playing 3D chess?


VideoFeb 2020

Bernie Sanders | Bloomberg is trying to buy the election

(8:30) Bernie Sanders talks to Anderson Cooper after his victory in New Hampshire.


VideoFeb 2020

The Hill | Is the race now between Bernie and Bloomberg?

(9:50) The panel discuss Michael Bloomberg qualifying for the next debate in Nevada.


VideoFeb 2020

MSNBC | Bernie Sanders condemns Putin for election interference

(4:08) Compare how Bernie Sanders responds to information about Russian interference in the Democratic primaries, to how Trump responded when he found out in 2016.


VideoMar 2020

Bernie Sanders lays out his response to coronavirus crisis



VideoMar 2020

NowThis | Bernie asked: how would you pay for free COVID-19 vaccines?

(3:25) A nurse provides the answer.


VideoOct 2015

Ralph Nader on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

(8:29) American political activist Ralph Nader comments on the "cluster mess of an election".

VideoOct 2015

TYT - Bernie Sanders on Obama's biggest mistake

(8:29) The Young Turks discuss what makes Bernie Sanders think he can walk into Capitol Hill and change things, when Obama couldn't?