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VideoJan 2020

TYT | Warren's "sexist Bernie" smear backfires

(8:51) Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss the disappointing clash between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the final Iowa debate.

VideoAug 2020

Emma Vigeland | Kenosha sheriff rants on about "warehousing" black people

(5:18) Emma Vigeland breaks discusses a disturbing video of Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth ranting to reporters about "warehousing" black people so they cannot procreate.


VideoMar 2020

TYT | Crackpot Dr Fauci conspiracy theories

(12:41) Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


VideoJun 2020

Emma Vigeland | Mike Pence's coronavirus propaganda call leaked

(5:04) VP Mike Pence's troubling COVID-19 call with US governors.

VideoAug 2019

The Damage Report | Cenk: Trump will leave office before 2020

(6:20) John Iadarola and Brett Erlich discuss Cenk Uygur's prediction that Donald Trump will leave Office before his time is up.

VideoSep 2019

The Damage Report | AOC exposes climate deniers stupidity

(9:57) Saving the planet is for sissies.

VideoMay 2020

NowThis | How right-wing media brainwashed a dad

(4:57) It was like some alien took over his body.

VideoAug 2016

No one cares that climate change is getting visibly worse

(3:15) We’re hit with devastating climate news almost every week, but coverage of climate change is hitting new lows from the corporate media.


VideoSep 2017

Treating hurricanes like war zones hurts survivors

(7:24) The media's search for "bad guys" during a natural disaster gets us angry about all the wrong things.


VideoMar 2020

TYT | Why Joe Biden will lose to Trump

(9:56) Republican attacks have started already. Joe Biden is a huge liability.