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VideoMar 2020

CNN | Bernie responds to Trump's claim that Dems are plotting against him

(7:02) Bernie Sanders talks to CNN's Anderson Cooper ahead of the Super Tuesday vote.

VideoMar 2020

CNN | Dr Fauci: You don't make the timeline, the virus does

(10:57) Infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci discusses the reality of setting a timeline to business as usual.


VideoMar 2020

TYT | Old people should be sacrificed to save US economy

(8:06) Fox News doubles down on killing old people.

VideoApr 2020

George Monbiot | The worst possible people in charge at the worst possible time

(6:45) Coronavirus should be a warning that our current system is not fit for purpose.

VideoNov 2019

Sacha Baron Cohen attacks social media giants

(24:43) Sacha Baron Cohen calls for a fundamental rethink of social media and how it spreads hate, conspiracies and lies.

VideoFeb 2020

Bernie Sanders | Bloomberg is trying to buy the election

(8:30) Bernie Sanders talks to Anderson Cooper after his victory in New Hampshire.


VideoFeb 2020

MSNBC | Bernie Sanders condemns Putin for election interference

(4:08) Compare how Bernie Sanders responds to information about Russian interference in the Democratic primaries, to how Trump responded when he found out in 2016.


VideoMay 2017

Nick Offerman - How fake news changes us

(2:59) American actor Nick Offerman shares his thoughts on truthfulness, lying and fake news.

VideoFeb 2020

NowThis | MSNBC meltdown as Bernie wins Nevada big time


VideoFeb 2020

MSNBC | Sanders rejects Bloomberg's cash offer

(4:21) Bernie Sanders' team has flatly rejected Michael Bloomberg's offer to spend heavily in the fight against Donald Trump if Bernie were to win the Democratic nomination.