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VideoApr 2020

The Rational National | Oil crashes below $0 for first time ever

(10:55) Demand for oil has plummeted amid the Coronavirus crisis, but there's more to the record oil crash than just a fall in demand.


VideoJan 2016

Bill Nye: We can still save the planet

(6:01) The Paris conference was a turning point. Bill Nye discusses how to get off fossil fuels.

VideoMar 2020

Richard Wolff | JP Morgan Chase: Fossil fuels are not a profitable investment

(3:50) A private report paid for by JP Morgan Chase has concluded that climate change is real, and when the costs of environmental damage are factored in, investments in fossil fuels are not profitable.


VideoNov 2015

Obama kills Keystone pipeline

(8:34) President Obama announces that his Administration is rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Sep 2005

Reduce petrol prices


VideoSep 2016

The environmental impact of fracking

(3:50) Is fracking responsible for the increase of earthquakes in Oklahoma?

VideoNov 2016

Mni Wiconi: The Stand at Standing Rock

(8:26) Water protectors from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and allies try to stop the 1,100-mile Dakota Access Pipeline.

VideoJun 2019

Kim Iversen | The real reason the US is picking a fight with Iran

(20:05) Radio host Kim Iversen gives a detailed background on how got to where we are now with Iran.

VideoFeb 2020

The Rational National | Divestment is destroying fossil fuel industry

(6:15) CNBC's resident investor Jim Cramer on why he's done with fossil fuels.

VideoDec 2013

Texas rocked by 16 quakes in 3 weeks. Is fracking to blame?

(7:44) November 28, 2013: Northern Texas towns are experiencing an intense string of earthquakes – the last of which was one of the most powerful in 5 years.