SOCHI 2014

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VideoFeb 2014

Pussy Riot get whipped in Sochi

(8:36) Uniformed Cossacks attacked members of protest group Pussy Riot with pepper spray and horse whips when the band turned up in Sochi to record a music video.


PictureApr 2014

Sochi’s Olympic Village is already a ghost town

Photos of Sochi Olympic Village by Russian blogger only weeks after the Sochi 2014 Paralympics finished.

VideoNov 2013

Olympic torch blasts into space

(1:31) A Soyuz spacecraft blasts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome carrying the Olympic torch for the six hour trip to the ISS.

VideoFeb 2014

Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion - Luge

(0:33) Message for Sochi 2014 from the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion.

VideoFeb 2014

Making snow for Sochi 2014

(3:30) US snowmaking company is creating snow for the Winter Olympics.

VideoFeb 2014

Pussy Riot - Putin Will Teach You To Love The Motherland

(2:41) Music video made at the Sochi 2014 and includes footage of the band being attacked by Russian police.


VideoFeb 2014

BMW's Olympic bobsled hits 5Gs down the track

(1:07) The sheer violence inside a shuddering bobsled careering down the track at 75 mph is terrifying.

VideoJan 2014

Chop With Chris - The Dog Sled

(5:30) Chris builds a dog sled inspired by the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, using no electrical power tools.


VideoFeb 2014

Airport Love, Norwegian commercial for Sochi 2014

(1:31) Norwegian sports retailer XXL's response to Russia's recent homophobic laws.


PictureFeb 2014

Warm days at Sochi 2014

(24 pics) Olympians and spectators enjoy a bit of warmth and sunshine as temperatures reach 63 F (17 C).