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96%VideoNov 2015

Alan Simpson: Hypocrisy is the original sin

(3:34) Former Republican politician Alan Simpson calls out wealthy companies for not supporting a $15 minimum wage.

94%VideoDec 2013

Elizabeth Warren: Why isn't minimum wage $22?

(4:56) Senator Elizabeth Warren at a hearing in Massachusetts over the minimum wage.


94%AnimationApr 2014

What if Walmart paid its workers a living wage?

(2:02) If Walmart paid its employees a living wage, how much would prices rise?


94%VideoApr 2019

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon grilled over bank's low wages

(2:35) Congresswoman Katie Porter spelled out to Jamie Dimon the real-world implications of the low wages his bank pays its junior employees.


93%VideoApr 2016

Bernie Sanders announces Vatican trip

(4:35) Bernie Sanders will be travelling to the Vatican to discuss global concerns with Pope Francis.


91%VideoMay 2014

The Real News - Does a higher minimum wage cost jobs?

(20:51) Economists Bob Pollin and Anthony Davies debate whether a higher minimum wage means less jobs for young people with less skills.


88%VideoJan 2014

Walmart on welfare

(6:53) US Senator Bernie Sanders attacks the system that sets minimum wage below a living wage, in effect welfare subsidising a corporation's wage bill.


88%VideoMar 2014

Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime - Episode #308

(9:36) Includes an interesting discussion on the minimum wage.


88%VideoApr 2014

Saru Jayaraman - All work and no pay

(26:46) Bill Moyers talks to Saru Jayaraman, co-founder of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC-United) about how the restaurant industry have managed to get the federal minimum wage set at only $2.13 an hour.


88%VideoMay 2015

CEO raises minimum wage to $70,000

(2:23) Happy and empowered workforces work better.