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VideoDec 2015

David Pakman - Massive methane leak in California is not news

(4:09) Did you know that a massive methane leak in California, discovered in October, is the biggest catastrophe since BP's disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.


VideoApr 2016

Australian river on fire!

(1:57) Location: 1 km from fracking site.


VideoJan 2016

RT - Methane leak triggers state of emergency in California

(11:13) A massive methane leak outside of LA has sent 80,000 tons of methane into the atmosphere since October 2015. So why has California waited over two months to declare a state of emergency?


VideoDec 2013

Milking cows for fuel

(1:06) Scientists at Argentina's National Institute of Agricultural Technology have found a way to harvest the methane so readily produced by cows.

VideoJul 2016

NASA scientist answers questions about thawing permafrost

(14:27) All you need to know about the permafrost and how it relates to climate change.


VideoMay 2017

Daniel Jacob on the rising threat of methane

(5:25) Atmospheric chemist Daniel Jacob explains the role of methane plays in climate change.

VideoNov 2017

Cows and climate change

(5:51) Cows contribute about 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions thanks to the methane they produce. It appears there's a simple solution.

VideoFeb 2015

Playing with methane gas locked in a frozen lake

(2:15) Scientists drill into a frozen lake in Alaska to ignite methane gas trapped in bubbles beneath the surface.


VideoJan 2016

Burning methane trapped under an icy lake

(3:52) Proof that methane is highly inflammable.


VideoJul 2016

Underground methane bubbles in Siberia

(0:32) Scientists discover bubbles of methane just below the surface on Belyy Island, Siberia.