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VideoDec 2015

Brian Greene: Time travel is possible, but probably only to the future

(5:05) Is the time we experience in our day-to-day lives real?


VideoOct 2016

Brian Greene and Richard Dawkins discuss God

(4:32) Richard Dawkins and theoretical physicist Brian Greene discuss God in the context of evolution and science.

VideoMay 2015

Richard Dawkins and Brian Greene: Do we live in a simulated universe?

(3:48) Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and theoretical physicist Brian Greene discuss the idea of that we live in a simulated universe created by a futuristic teenager.


VideoMay 2016

Stephen Colbert - Brian Greene talks supernova

(5:29) Theoretical physicist Brian Greene explains supernovas, the most powerful explosions in the universe.


VideoFeb 2014

The illusion of time

(9:44) Einstein's theories have been tested over and over, and they still hang together, showing bizarrely that the past, present and future all exist together.


VideoFeb 2020

Joe Rogan | Brian Greene | What was happening before the Big Bang?

(14:46) Theoretical physicist Brian Greene helps us understand some of the very strange ideas behind the big questions of science.