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98%VideoSep 2014

John Oliver - Miss America

(15:25) John Oliver asks, "Miss America Pageant…how is this still a thing?"

95%VideoMay 2014

John Oliver - Death Penalty

(12:24) British comedian in America John Oliver discusses the death penalty.

95%VideoMay 2014

John Oliver - GM total recall

(10:38) British comedian in America, John Oliver looks at GM's recall of 11.2 million rolling sarcophagi.


95%VideoApr 2015

John Oliver and Edward Snowden talk password security

(2:57) John Oliver kills Edward Snowden with his passwerds.


94%VideoSep 2014

John Oliver - Scottish Independence

(15:18) Scotland is about to vote on whether to leave from the UK. John Oliver takes a look at what has led to this historic event.


94%VideoJun 2016

John Oliver - Brexit, the aftermath

(8:03) John Oliver discusses the aftermath of Britain voting to leave the EU.


93%VideoSep 2014

John Oliver - Climate Change Debate

(4:27) John Oliver hosts a mathematically representative climate change debate, with the help of special guest Bill Nye the Science Guy.


90%VideoDec 2014

John Oliver - How is Ayn Rand still a thing?

(3:41) Considering Ayn Rand's promotion of selfishness as a virtue, how come she's still a thing?


90%VideoOct 2015

John Oliver - Piggate

(3:24) Please let it be true.


89%VideoMar 2015

John Oliver - Tobacco

(18:10) Thanks to tobacco industry regulations in the US, smoking rates have dropped dramatically. Yet the tobacco industry is more profitable than ever.