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96%VideoJun 2014

John Oliver - FIFA

(13:14) John Oliver's excitement for the World Cup is tempered by the corrupt organisation that produces it, FIFA.

95%VideoAug 2015

When a comedian interrupted FIFA

(0:46) It's raining money when British comedian Simon Brodkin (aka Lee Nelson) gained access to a FIFA press conference.

94%VideoMay 2015

HIGNFY - David Mitchell and the panel discuss FIFA

(3:02) David Mitchell chairs a discussion on the FIFA enquiry into the World Cup bidding process.

88%VideoJun 2015

John Oliver - FIFA, the sequel

(13:12) June 1, 2015: John Oliver examines the latest antics at FIFA.

87%VideoMay 2015

BBC Panorama - FIFA, football's shame

(29:26) From 4 years ago, just before FIFA's last election, duly won by FIFA boss Sepp Blatter.


86%Jun 2015

FIFA stands for discipline, respect, fair-play ...

FIFA stands for discipline, respect, fair-play, not just on the field of play, but in our society as well. Sepp Blatter, ex-president of FIFA (b. 1936).


86%VideoMar 2018

FIFA - 100 days to Russia 2018

(1:24) FIFA’s keepy-uppy promo to mark 100 days before the Russia 2018 World Cup.