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92%VideoJun 2014

Low Brass - Game of Thrones theme cover

(2:40) 23 of New York's finest low brass musicians perform a bass-quaking cover of Game Of Thrones theme.

92%AnimationSep 2014

Game of Thrones opening jazz sequence

(1:37) 60s jazz, Saul Bass style title sequence for Game of Thrones.

92%VideoFeb 2015

Making of a film score

(13:20) Filmmaker and anthropologist Niobe Thompson teamed up with composer Darren Fung to create a musical score for CBC series 'The Great Human Odyssey'.


92%VideoDec 2009

Inappropriate Soundtracks - Pulp Fiction (1994)

John Travolta and Uma Thurman dance to The Birdie Song and The Hokey Cokey


91%VideoMay 2014

Phone music

(1:49) Virtuoso performance of 'Flowering Nights', Sakuya's theme from Japanese game 'Phantasmagoria of Flower View'.


91%VideoMar 2015

Musicless Musicvideo - Ghostbusters

(1:10) Creepy. Ghostbusters theme performed by Ray Parker, Jr, but without the music.


91%VideoMay 2010

QI - Anthony Newley, who won the Oscar for Goldfinger

Jeremy Clarkson gets confused over Goldfinger


91%AnimationJun 2005

Star Wars orchestral soundtrack

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Darth

91%VideoFeb 2010

Queen Yuna performs James Bond medley

Skate America 2009 - South Korea's Kim Yuna sets the gold standard in this effortless performance fit for the world's greatest spy


91%AnimationJul 2013

The rise of Capitol Hill

(3:15) The development of Capitol Hill in Washington DC from 1793 to 2008, with soundtrack from Game of Thrones.