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94%VideoSep 2014

How to grow a mini forest anywhere

(4:27) When Toyota invited Akira Miyawaki to make their factories carbon neutral, it inspired industrial engineer Shubhendu Sharma to start a business.


88%VideoDec 2014

Tree harvesting machine makes light work of trees

(7:49) Built by Finnish company Ponsse, the eight wheeled tree harvesting unit shows off what it can do.


87%VideoJul 2017

China's first forest city

(1:11) In an attempt to tackle air pollution China, is to build Liuzhou Forest City.

87%VideoOct 2017

Tropical forests now emit more CO2 than all US cars and trucks combined

(1:56) According to a study recently published in Science, tropical forests now emit more CO2 than US cars and trucks combined.


87%VideoAug 2018

The world's largest man-made forest is in China

(3:39) Just north of Beijing is Saihanba, the world's largest man-made forest.