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88%VideoFeb 2015

Eruption at Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland

(1:31) Quadcopters capture HD footage of spectacular Bardarbunga Volcano eruption.

88%VideoMay 2015

Inside erupting volcano on Vanuatu

(3:30) Explorer Sam Cossman capture high-definition images of the spectacular Marum Crater on Vanuatu.

88%VideoSep 2015

Mesmerizing flow of lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

(6:36) Film short captures the equally constructive and destructive force of lava.

88%VideoOct 2015

Lava flows in Pahoa, Hawaii

(6:31) Kilauea is one of the most active volcanos in the world and has been erupting for 30 years.

88%VideoOct 2015

Lava outbreak at Puu Oo, Hawaii

(4:01) "In the thirty years of documenting Pele's activities, this is the first time this reporter has seen this type of activity taking place in the middle of a flow field."

88%VideoMar 2017

When magma meets water

(2:22) Scientists try to establish the potential dangers of introducing water into a pressurised pocket of magma underground.

88%VideoMay 2018

Lava bursts from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

(4:21) Hawaii's most active volcano Kilauea, has been spewing lava and molten rock on a residential area called Leilani Estates.


88%VideoJun 2018

Dawn of Fire, stunning timelapse of Kilauea's eruption

87%VideoApr 2015

The sea is lava

(1:07) Close up footage of lava spilling into the ocean, Hawaii.


87%VideoJul 2016

Black lava of Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano, Tanzania

(2:30) Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano in Tanzania errupts a silvery/black carbonatite lava which at 550C - 700C, it is too cool to glow.