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VideoJan 2015

Green Party policies on immigration, trade, and defence

(7:14) Under a grilling from Andrew Neal, leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett explains Green Party policies on immigration, trade, and the defence of the realm.


VideoJan 2015

Who are the Green Party, and what do they stand for?

(1:06) Leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett gives a one minute overview of what the party stands for.


VideoSep 2016

Third parties expand the political discourse

(6:45) Jimmy Dore reviews policies of the Green Party.


VideoOct 2016

David Cobb: The Green Party is building the beloved community

(4:25) The Green Party's campaign manager David Cobb rallies the crowd.

VideoFeb 2015

Natalie Bennett's car crash interview on LBC

(3:49) February 24, 2015: Green Party leader Natalie Bennett was unable to answer questions put to her by LBC presenter Nick Ferrari in an interview she described herself as "excruciating".


VideoSep 2016

What the Green Party is about, in 2 minutes

(1:59) Jill Stein sums up what the Green Party believes.


VideoMay 2015

Russell Brand - Interview with the Green Party

(10:58) Green revolution? Russell Brand meets with Green MP Caroline Lucas and party leader Natalie Bennett.