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VideoFeb 2015

NASA projects megadroughts for American West

(2:40) Scientists estimate future drought risk using data from tree rings and soil moisture.

VideoJun 2015

James Corden hears about California's water shortage

(4:12) British comedian James Corden recently moved to California with his family after signing a contract with CBS to host 'The Late Late Show with James Corden'. Little did he realise that California has only one year of water left in its resevoirs.


VideoJun 2019

How Phoenix is planning for a future with less water

(10:05) As the Colorado River's flow declines, Phoenix prepares for an even hotter and drier future.

VideoJun 2015

Moby - A Message To California

(1:25) How to have your steak and eat it.


VideoMar 2019

Cape Town preparing for Day Zero


VideoMar 2018

Water saving methods of a Cape Town family

(4:02) Cape Town is in the grip of the worse drought in a hundred years. This is how one family is saving water.


VideoMay 2015

California's drought and the rest of the world

(3:33) NASA scientist Jay Famiglietti says that California has only about one year of water left. Julia Wilde from DNews looks at how California's drought will affect the rest of the world.

VideoJun 2015

California's drought, and climate change

(8:34) Scientists comment on California's ongoing drought.

VideoJun 2015

TYT - Wealthy Californians outraged by water limits for golf courses

(8:41) NASA has warned that California has only one year of water left. Yet conservative radio host Steve Yuhas argues that, drought or no drought, if you can pay for water then you should have it.


VideoAug 2015

Shade balls help California save water

(0:53) Los Angeles is floating millions of 'shade balls' in its water reservoirs to prevent evaporation and algae growth.