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94%VideoMay 2018

The Indoor Generation

(3:08) We spend 90% of our life indoors, and it is affecting our health and wellbeing.

93%VideoMay 2018

All the fun things you can do in McMurdo, Antarctica

(1:38) I've been in McMurdo for almost 7 weeks now!


92%VideoMar 2015

A week in the life of a Tokyo salary man

(2:52) January to the end of March is our 'busy season' at work, which means that for these 3 months, my life is basically like this.

88%VideoJun 2017

The Catherine Tate Show - Posh English people

(8:20) The trials and tribulations of an Aga Saga woman.

88%VideoNov 2017

Typical day in the life of Warren Buffett

(3:40) Live simple, think higher.


88%VideoDec 2017

Interview with Arkansas redneck


88%VideoMar 2018

How to achieve 10x more than your peers by learning from Elon Musk

(13:29) Elon Musk has done more in his 46 years than most of us could in 10 lifetimes. What makes him so special?


87%VideoDec 2015

TYT - Google employee who lives in a truck in the car park

(7:48) 23-year-old Google employee thinks different.

87%VideoAug 2016

Floating off the grid

(2:33) A labour of love 24 years in the making.

87%VideoAug 2016

He quit his job, restored a boat and sailed around the world

(8:31) One day, David Welsford decided to give up everything and live life to the fullest - and he's never looked back.