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VideoFeb 2020

James O'Brien's reacts to Boris Johnson's project to build a bridge to Northern Ireland

(3:37) What is it with Boris Johnson and bridges.


VideoFeb 2020

James O'Brien | Which EU regulations should we get rid of?

(13:59) Four EU regulations that should be removed, according to LBC callers.


VideoSep 2019

James O'Brien | A caller who voted leave, changed his mind

(4:22) It started with a referendum, it should end with a referendum.

VideoJan 2020

Nigel Farage | Trump or Prince Charles, who is right on climate change?

(7:06) Both President Trump and Prince Charles addressed climate change at Davos 2020, but with very different levels of urgency.


VideoMar 2020

LBC | James O'Brien | UK's negotiating position on Brexit explained

(2:37) Boris Johnson's administration has published the UK's negotiating position for a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU.

VideoAug 2018

Jason from #3Blokes on the government's no-deal Brexit advice

(9:19) Former international trade negotiator Jason Hunter goes into some detail about trade deals post a no-deal Brexit.

VideoJan 2019

FIRE! James O'Brien's favourite Brexit analogy



VideoDec 2018

James O'Brien | Listener is glad Brexit is winding James up

(5:53) A listener texted in saying he was "glad" James O'Brien was getting so wound up over Brexit. This is what happened when James called him back.


VideoDec 2019

James O'Brien | Caller claims Corbyn's Labour echoes Nazi Germany


VideoAug 2018

LBC | Vet schools Nigel Farage

(4:03) It's not just doctors and nurses we will be short of, it's also vets.