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98%VideoDec 2011

Dave Brubeck and the young Russian violinist

(3:55) During a visit to Moscow in the 80's, American jazz pianist Dave Brubeck met the faculty and students at the Moscow Conservatory. While he improvised on a Russian theme, a young student joined in on violin.


96%VideoJan 2016

Adult takes on the violin

(4:43) Practice makes progress.


95%VideoMay 2011

Shara Lin shows off her talent

(1:38) Super talented Taiwanese multi-instrumentalist Shara Lin shows off more than just her legs. Impressive skills mixing western and eastern musical instruments.


95%VideoMar 2013

Beatles on cello and violin - Let It Be

(3:34) Michael Province (15) and Nathan Chan (16) on violin and cello jam some Beatles songs.


94%VideoAug 2014

Baby mammoths love Bach



91%VideoJul 2008

Violinist Linda Brava plays Bach's Ave Maria

Finnish classical violinist performs Gounod's arrangement


91%VideoMay 2009

10-year-old child prodigy Sarah Chang plays Carmen

(7:42) Footage from a concert in 1990 of the renowned Korean-American violin virtuoso.


88%VideoMar 2011

Vittorio Monti - Czardas

Virtuoso violinist Joo Young Oh gives a lesson in passionate yet totally relaxed playing. Vittorio Monti's Czardas can often be heard wafting through romantic European streets entertaining tourists taking a breather in street cafes.


88%VideoMar 2009

Robot violinist plays Elgar's 'Land of Hope and Glory'

Toyota demonstrates it's latest prodigy a 5ft two legged robot that is dextrous enough to play a few stanzas

87%VideoSep 2006

Django and Grappelli

(3:52) Django Rheinhardt gives hot jazz the two fingers.