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VideoDec 2019

David Pakman | Macron uses toddler reverse psychology on Trump

(4:38) And it worked!


VideoOct 2016

TYT - How Jill Stein plans to handle Vladimir Putin

(3:09) If the Russians invaded Estonia, how would a Stein Administration handle the situation?

VideoAug 2016

Donald Trump's foreign policy, specifically NATO

(3:51) NATO has helped keep the peace in the northern hemisphere for more than half a century.


VideoDec 2019

TYT | World leaders caught gossiping about Trump

(11:00) Cenk Uygur, Emma Vigeland, and Ana Kasparian discuss Trump's reaction to being laughed at.

VideoNov 2015

The largest military exercise since the end of the Cold War

(2:46) NATO's Operation Trident Juncture, a month-long military exercise held in Spain, Portugal and Italy.


VideoJul 2016

TYT - Trump will ignore NATO treaty if countries don't pay

(12:25) The Young Turks discuss Donald Trump's threat to ignore NATO's reassurance that an attack on one NATO member is an attack on all, and that all NATO members will respond.

VideoFeb 2019

RT | Russian Su-27 warns off US F-15

(8:45) A Russian Su-27 fighter jet aggressively confronts a US F-15 Eagle mid-air at near supersonic speeds.


VideoMay 2017

Smug Trump barges to the front at NATO meeting

(0:18) President Trump determined to show who's leader of the free world.


VideoJan 2017

Jimmy Dore - Who's the aggressor, Russia or NATO?

(9:47) NATO forces are ramping up in European countries.


VideoMar 2017

Noam Chomsky on US/Russia relations

(4:50) Noam Chomsky gives a background to the tensions between the West and Russia in the Ukraine.