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88%VideoOct 2015

3 tips to boost your confidence

(4:16) What is confidence, and where does it come from. Here are three easy tips to boost yours.

88%VideoNov 2015

Man screams at yellow paint

(2:28) Never underestimate the power of yellow.


88%VideoNov 2015

Baby Steps and Cavalry

(0:59) Motivational speaker end entrepreneur Chris Gardner on how he kept going through hard times.

88%VideoAug 2017

10 skills that are hard to learn, but will pay off forever


88%VideoSep 2017

Admiral McRaven - Change the world by making your bed

(6:00) Inspiring words from Admiral William McRaven at the University of Texas, 2014 Commencement Address.


88%VideoJun 2018

How long does a can of shaving cream last?



87%VideoJan 2017

The Law of Averages

(4:40) How to be successful in anything you do.

87%VideoSep 2017

5 charisma tips from James Bond, the perfect man

(11:05) What can you learn about masculinity from James Bond?

87%AnimationOct 2017

How to learn faster

(4:06) Is there a better way to learn something quickly and retain that knowledge?


87%VideoFeb 2018

How to get out of a funk

(5:03) Ever feel like you're in a bit of a rut?