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94%VideoAug 2015

Does Jeremy Corbyn have all the answers?

(6:49) Chunky Mark the Artist Taxi Driver gives his opinion on Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn.


94%VideoJul 2016

Dear Labour, here's why we support Jeremy Corbyn

(9:18) Passionate Corbyn supporter makes a strong case for taking another look at Jeremy Corbyn.


94%VideoJul 2016

Jimmy Dore - UK politics after Brexit

(4:59) Jimmy Dore looks at the British media to help decipher what the hell is going on in British politics after Brexit.

92%VideoJun 2017

Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury 2017

(4:26) Leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn addresses the crowd from the Pyramid stage.


88%VideoSep 2015

Is Bernie Sanders aware of Jeremy Corbyn?

(5:38) Bernie Sanders takes questions from roaming reporters. Buzzfeed UK was there to ask him about Jeremy Corbyn.


88%VideoSep 2015

Highlights from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Conference speech

(8:37) Jeremy Corbyn delivers his first speech as Labour leader to the party faithful.

88%VideoMay 2017

TYT - Here comes Corbyn

(9:56) In a tweet from June 2016, Cenk Uygur predicted that Jeremy Corbyn would be the next British PM.


88%VideoMay 2017

Was Jeremy Corbyn wrong to link foreign policy to terror?

(10:56) Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon says Jeremy Corbyn is wrong to link British foreign policy to terrorism. Do you agree?


88%VideoJun 2017

Bernie Sanders on the similarities with Jeremy Corbyn

(3:06) Bernie Sanders applauds Jeremy Corbyn for revitalising democracy.


87%VideoJul 2015

Jeremy Corbyn on why he called Hamas and Hezbollah "friends"

(4:47) Easily rattled Labour leader hopeful Jeremy Corbyn explains why he described the Islamist militant organisations Hamas and Hezbollah as "friends" during a parliamentary meeting on the Middle East.