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94%VideoDec 2015

Old school sound effects from 1938

(9:15) Behind the scenes in a 1930s production studio, creating sound effects for radio drama "Back of the Mike".

94%VideoMay 2016

Drone Star Wars

(4:33) 4 minute Star Wars adventure recreated with drone technology.

94%VideoMar 2016

Film cuts and transitions 101

(11:40) Director/editor Joey Scoma runs through the different cuts and transitions available to film editors, with examples from classic and modern films.

91%VideoApr 2017

How nature documentaries are fake

(5:50) Everyone loves BBC's Planet Earth, but how much of it is real?


88%VideoJul 2015

Top 10 most beautiful movies of all time

(10:41) A pick of great looking movies by CineFix.

88%VideoOct 2015

Wes Anderson | Centered

(2:23) The symmetry of Wes Anderson exposed.

88%VideoNov 2016

Insight into animation

(5:15) Brad Bird, writer and director of animated films 'The Iron Giant', 'The Incredibles' and 'Ratatouille', gives an insight into his working process.

88%VideoFeb 2017

How wildlife films warp time to reveal wonders of the natural world

(7:03) How wildlife documentaries have evolved to show the mechanics of nature that are too fast or slow for the human brain to process.

88%VideoMar 2018

Club Palace, CGI or real?

(4:12) Surreal film using real-life miniatures and clever practical effects.

87%VideoJul 2015

Mad Max: Center Framed

(1:35) Center-framing, one of the reasons why Mad Max: Fury Road is a great action movie.