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VideoFeb 2019

The Atheist Experience | How is homosexuality rationally justified?

(16:16) Brojo from Arkansas calls in to The Atheist Experience.


VideoSep 2015

Richard Dawkins explains some gay gene theories

(6:24) How was the gay gene preserved? Richard Dawkins explains three theories, including the 'Sneaky Fucker' theory.


VideoNov 2019

Richard Dawkins | How does evolution explain homosexuality?



VideoNov 2018

Yuval Noah Harari - Q&A on being gay

(7:21) Historian Yuval Noah Harari presents a scientific perspective on homosexuality.


VideoOct 2019

GMB | What does it mean to be 'woke'?

(11:29) 'Woke' was first used in a US article in 1962 meaning to be culturally aware. But have social justice warriors now highjacked the word?

VideoFeb 2020

TYT | Buttigieg supporter finds out he's gay, demands vote back

(9:03) Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola discuss a Pete Buttigeig supporter who was so shocked when she found out he is gay, wanted her vote back.

VideoMar 2020

TEDtalks | Homosexuality is about survival, not sex

(17:25) Deeply personal and fascinating insight into why homosexuality is indeed a necessary and extraordinarily useful cog in nature's wheel of perfection.


VideoFeb 2019

Big Think | What makes someone gay?

(9:33) Historian and bioethicist Alice Dreger looks at some of the research into what makes someone gay.


VideoJul 2015

Pastor Dewey Smith's controversial message about homosexuality

(4:54) Pastor Dewey Smith is the senior pastor/teacher of The House of Hope Atlanta and The House of Hope Macon.