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88%VideoJul 2015

Richard Branson: Why I would invest in pot



88%VideoNov 2015

Bernie Sanders' stance on marijuana

(1:53) Jimmy Kimmel asks Bernie Sanders what his stance on marijuana is.

88%VideoSep 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson - Should marijuana be legalised?

(1:58) Does Neil deGrasse Tyson agree with Carl Sagan that marijuana should be legalised?

87%VideoNov 2015

Bernie Sanders couldn't be clearer

(0:12) Politics suddenly became interesting.

87%VideoMar 2016

2016 GOP candidates' positions on marijuana

(10:44) Top-tier 2016 Republican candidates' positions on medical marijuana and broader broader issue of legalisation.


87%VideoMay 2017

Big Pharma's war on marijuana

(11:41) What pharmaceutical companies have to gain from keeping marijuana illegal.


87%VideoMay 2017

The world if drugs become legal

(4:40) What the world might look like if legalisation replaces the failing war on drugs.

87%VideoFeb 2018

Bill Maher interview with former Mexican President Vicente Fox

(6:42) Former Mexican President Vicente Fox joins Bill Maher to discuss immigration and the drug war.

87%AnimationJun 2018

3 arguments why marijuana should stay illegal, reviewed

(9:40) A look at some of the best counter arguments for legalisation to see how they hold up,

86%VideoJul 2018

Reefer madness reaches Canada

(1:24) Warning: Legalised Canadian marijuana is a gateway drug to other Canadian behaviours.