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97%VideoNov 2015

Maajid Nawaz - How to collaborate with your rival

(9:37) Islamic reform activist Maajid Nawaz describes how to build a successful, respectful dialogue that can spur progress.


91%VideoJun 2016

Emotional environmentalist, the early years

(1:58) Young and emotional Henry has plenty to say.


90%VideoNov 2015

Maajid Nawaz - How to respond to the Paris attacks

(6:21) Wise words from Maajid Nawaz, founder of the Quilliam Foundation.


88%VideoNov 2015

Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz on the future of Islam

(25:44) Atheist Sam Harris and Muslim Maajid Nawaz discuss their collaboration to change the future of Islam.

88%VideoNov 2015

Religious tolerance shouldn't mean lower moral standards

(5:37) Author and activist Maajid Nawaz explores the well-intentioned, yet harmful way some members of the left prioritise tolerance over reform within Islam.

88%VideoMar 2016

Maajid Nawaz: No idea is above scrutiny, no people are beneath dignity

(7:23) Activist Maajid Nawaz on the "politically-correct regressive left".

88%VideoFeb 2017

Q&A highlights - Raheel Raza, Maajid Nawaz, Douglas Murray

(11:41) From the "Islam in a Secular Democracy" session of the National Secular Society's 2016 conference in London.

88%VideoAug 2017

Maajid Nawaz: When did you stop beating your wife?

(2:59) Sunni Muslim LBC host Maajid Nawaz shuts down a Muslim caller who claims he is anti-Islam.


88%VideoAug 2017

Maajid Nawaz explains "whataboutery"

(3:47) Trump defender just can't stay on topic.


88%VideoAug 2017

Maajid Nawaz - Is an ethno-state a justifiable aspiration?

(6:59) When a caller says states should have only one ethnicity, LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz smells a racist.