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VideoNov 2015

Blue Origin space vehicle successfully flies to space and back

(3:13) Who wants to go to space?

VideoJul 2019

Alux | Why are billionaires investing in space?

(12:57) The why behind the new space race between multi-billionaires.

VideoJun 2019

Can SpaceX make point-to-point space travel a profitable reality?

(9:06) How viable are SpaceX and Blue Origin's plans for point-to-point space travel?

VideoJan 2016

New Shepard launch, land and repeat

(1:49) Two months ago Blue Origin's New Shepard reusable rocket launched and landed for the first time. This is the second time.


VideoDec 2017

NASA, SpaceX, and Blue Origin's rockets compared

(2:10) How America's monster rockets of the future measure up.

VideoSep 2017

The new space race to the moon

(5:02) The last manned missions to the moon were the result of a space race between superpowers, USA and USSR. But today, there's a new space race emerging between private companies.

VideoMay 2018

Jeff Bezos - How and why Blue Origin

(21:17) Amazon founder Jeff Bezos talks about his childhood passion for space travel, and how that has evolved into Blue Origin.

VideoJan 2016

SpaceX vs Blue Origin, are they equal?

(3:51) Battle of the billionaires.


AnimationMar 2017

Introducing Blue Origin's New Glenn

(1:32) SpaceX has competition.


VideoFeb 2019

NeoScribe | Rivalry between SpaceX and Blue Origin

(12:23) Years before SpaceX or Blue Origin achieved any success, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos met for dinner one night in 2004.