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VideoJan 2020

Seth Meyers | Congress votes to limit Trump's war powers after Iran lies

(12:16) A closer look at the House voting to rein in President Trump's war powers as it becomes increasingly clear his administration lied to justify an unconstitutional act of war.

VideoJan 2020

Seth Meyers | Trump confesses amid senate impeachment trial

(11:28) A closer look at "lawyer's lawsuits" at Donald Trump's impeachment trial.


VideoFeb 2020

Seth Meyers | Democrats debate dictators while Trump acts like one

(9:59) A closer look at how Democrats scream over each other in a chaotic debate, while Trump tightens his authoritarian grip on power.

VideoMar 2020

Seth Meyers | Markets plunge as Trump lies about coronavirus response

(14:43) A closer look at Trump's lies about the coronavirus outbreak, showing what it's like when a lifelong scam artist is in charge of responding to a public health crisis.

VideoNov 2019

Seth Meyers | Billionaires freak out about Warren and Bernie's tax plans

(13:12) A closer look at billionaire Mike Bloomberg reportedly being on the brink of joining the Democratic primary.

VideoAug 2019

Seth Meyers | Trump's reactions to El Paso and Dayton shootings

(11:41) A closer look at President Trump refusing to take responsibility for his rhetoric as he visited Dayton and El Paso.

VideoOct 2019

Seth Meyers | GOP: Trump was joking about China

(12:42) A closer look at the evidence emerging in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

VideoNov 2019

Seth Meyers | Derren Brown reads Seth's mind

(6:00) Mentalist Derren Brown blows Seth Meyers' mind with two cards and series of photographs.

VideoFeb 2019

Seth Meyers | The real national emergency is climate change

(7:59) A closer look at Trump and his allies freaking out about the Green New Deal.

VideoFeb 2020

Seth Meyers | Senate acquits Trump in impeachment trial

(12:39) A closer look at Senate Republicans completing their cover-up of the president's crimes today when they acquitted him after an impeachment trial with no witnesses.