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95%VideoSep 2018

Seth Meyers | GOP rushes Kavanaugh hearing amid Trump's legal woes

(10:36) A closer look at how Republicans are rushing to confirm Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

94%VideoFeb 2017

Seth Meyers: Trump's second week is as chaotic as his first

(10:01) Two weeks accomplished, 206 to go.


88%VideoSep 2016

Seth Meyers takes closer look at the first presidential debate

(8:30) The consensus is that Hillary Clinton won the debate. So what excuses did Donald Trump and his supporters come up with?


88%VideoJan 2017

Matt Taibbi - Trump is both hilarious and horrifying

(4:29) American author and journalist Matt Taibbi explains how he went from covering the presidential election as a comedy to writing a tragedy.

88%VideoMay 2017

Seth Meyers - Republicans react to Comey memo bombshell

(11:49) A closer look at bombshell allegations that President Trump tried to obstruct the FBI investigation of former NSA head Michael Flynn.

88%VideoDec 2017

Seth Meyers - Republicans can't praise Trump enough

(7:38) A closer look at the Republicans gleefully celebrating their tax plan while lavishing praise on President Trump.

88%VideoJul 2018

Seth Meyers - Trump avoids reporters and lies about his tariffs

(12:27) A closer look at Trump's latest political troubles.

87%VideoMar 2018

Seth Meyers - Biden vs Trump in fisticuffs

(9:57) Seth Meyers takes a look at who's coming for Donald Trump.

87%VideoSep 2016

Seth Meyers - Donald J. Trump Foundation

(9:43) American comedian Seth Meyer takes a closer look at Donald Trump's refusal to release his tax returns.

87%VideoJan 2017

Seth Meyers interview with top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway

(13:33) Donald Trump's incoming White House counselor Kellyanne Conway defends the president-elect's relationship with intelligence, the press and Twitter.