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VideoMar 2020

This pensioner is probably stronger than you

(3:05) 72-year-old Lauren Bruzzone trains at a gym in New York.


VideoMar 2020

TYT | Old people should be sacrificed to save US economy

(8:06) Fox News doubles down on killing old people.

VideoOct 2009

Hugh Cecil reminisces with Armando Iannucci

Hugh smells of memories


VideoJan 2010

Showdown at Mayday Hospital, Croydon

Green vs Keane. Old womans swings at defenceless old man on the ground with her handbag and calls him a 'pussy clart' (unexpected language from a lovely old lady)


VideoAug 2003

Young Vin Diesel: break dancing lesson

VideoDec 2009

Teaching senior citizens to use the Internet

How to find embroidery sites using the Yahoo search engine


VideoMar 2020

Joe Rogan | Aubrey de Grey: Centenarians have one thing in common

(2:29) Anti-aging pioneer Aubrey de Grey talks about the one thing those who live to a hundred have in common.


VideoJul 2011

Louis CK admits he's prejudiced against 20-year-olds

(5:05) White American comedian Louis CK talks to Jay Leno about the youth of today. And as any great comedian should, he makes some sharp observations.


VideoApr 2007

The Zimmers - My Generation

Oldest rock band destined for chart stardom


Apr 2014

The duty of youth is to challenge corruption

The duty of youth is to challenge corruption - Kurt Cobain, American grunge musician (1967 - 1994).