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VideoAug 2016

Jill Stein on fighting ISIS and terrorism

(10:32) Kyle Kulinski comments on Green Party Jill Stein's approach to foreign policy and fighting terrorism.

VideoAug 2017

Former white supremacists on how to defeat Nazis

(9:29) Kyle Kulinksi discusses some surprising advice from former white supremacists on how to de-radicalise Nazis.

VideoAug 2018

Jimmy Dore - Kyle Kulinski's appearance on Fox News

(20:33) Are the democrats too far left?

VideoApr 2019

Secular Talk | Fox Business learns left-wing ideas are popular

(6:41) How Republicans react to their own poll showing left-wing ideas are more popular.

VideoAug 2016

How to get Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in the debates

(7:28) Only 9% of Americans chose Trump or Hillary to be their party nominees!

VideoMay 2016

Ron Paul on Sanders and Trump

(5:08) Libertarian giant Ron Paul commented on the similarities between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

VideoJul 2016

Who do US troops prefer for president?

(6:12) According to a new survey, military troops favour Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


VideoJul 2018

City in Oman doesn't drop below 107F (41C) for 51 straight hours

(5:11) The current scenario is worse than the worse-case scenario.


VideoMar 2016

Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov rips into Bernie Sanders

(9:05) Political activist and former Soviet citizen Garry Kasparov attacks Bernie Sanders for his position on socialism.


VideoSep 2016

Donald Trump goes full Neocon

(6:25) After calling the Iraq War a disaster, Donald Trump has named top Iraq hawk as his security advisor.