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VideoMar 2020

TYT | Old people should be sacrificed to save US economy

(8:06) Fox News doubles down on killing old people.

VideoMay 2016

TYT - Donald Trump's energy plan is insane

(14:54) Donald Trump advocates "energy independence", but what does that actually mean?


VideoDec 2018

TYT | Trump on skyrocketing national debt: I won't be here

(6:23) When told about the inevitable ballooning of the United States National Debt, Trump couldn’t care less.

VideoMay 2019

TYT | Bernie Sanders targets corporate power

(9:58) Is Bernie moving too "left" for Cenk? The Young Turks discuss Bernie's proposal to give workers more control.

VideoFeb 2017

TYT - Moments from Trump's first solo press conference

(4:09) Young Turks Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola discuss insane statements from Donald Trump's first solo press conference.

VideoAug 2016

The truth behind chemtrails

(4:06) John Iadarola looks at a recent study where atmospheric experts were asked for evidence of chemtrails.

VideoJul 2017

TYT - Thought Trump's doctor was crazy? Meet his lawyer...

(9:15) Young Turks Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola and Michael Shure, discuss Trump's choice for personal lawyer Marc Kasowitz.

VideoDec 2017

TYT - Trump's tax plan explained

(7:43) Donald Trump's tax plan is very different from the one he campaigned on.

VideoFeb 2020

TYT | Reporting on coronavirus will get you arrested in China

(7:25) Freedom of speech protects lives.

VideoApr 2016

TYT - The reality of Trump charity

(10:00) Donald Trump's campaign claims he gave over 100 million dollars to charity in the past five years.