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VideoMar 2020

Honest Government Ad | Coronavirus Crisis

(3:17) The Government has made an ad about coronavirus and it's surprisingly honest and informative.

VideoFeb 2020

MSNBC | Trump campaign's billion dollar disinformation tactics

(9:36) The Trump campaign's disinformation machine known as the "Death Star" is already in action.

VideoFeb 2020

The Rational National | Attack ads against Bernie backfire

(11:20) Two new hilarious attack ads against Bernie Sanders backfire.


VideoJan 2016

Bernie Sanders - America

(1:00) Bernie Sanders campaign ad, in sharp contrast with the messages of hate from Donald Trump.


VideoJun 2016

The anatomy of a campaign ad

(6:43) Filmmaker's perspective on political campaign ads and how they brainwash you.

VideoNov 2019

Bill Maher | The Zuck stops here

(5:09) Why do we allow our society to be taken over by Facebook.

VideoJun 2017

James Comey attack ad

(0:31) Political ad attacks sacked FBI director James Comey just before he is due to testify.


VideoFeb 2016

Bernie Sanders - Together

(1:00) Inspired fan-made ad for Bernie Sanders 2016.


VideoMar 2016

Trump ad has Hillary barking like a dog

(0:30) Our Toughest Opponent, Donald Trump's new ad targeting Hillary Clinton.


VideoNov 2018

Donald Trump 'Illegal Alien' ad