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VideoFeb 2020

MSNBC | Sanders rejects Bloomberg's cash offer

(4:21) Bernie Sanders' team has flatly rejected Michael Bloomberg's offer to spend heavily in the fight against Donald Trump if Bernie were to win the Democratic nomination.

VideoMar 2020

Jeffrey Sachs: "Trump understands nothing, listens to nothing” as pandemic surges in US

(21:07) As #NotDying4WallStreet trends on Twitter, Trump defies his top scientists and soaring infection rate, saying he will ease restrictions soon.


VideoFeb 2020

Michael Moore slams DNC rule change that allows Bloomberg on debate stage

(3:37) They're gonna let Mike Bloomberg on the stage 'cause he's got a billion f*cking dollars!


VideoMay 2016

Obama's 10 minute rant on cynicism in politics

(11:25) Student reporter Patrick Forrest from Fresno City College asks President Obama about cynicism in politics.

VideoApr 2016

Can you get rich by running for President?

(3:24) US presidential campaigns are expensive, but some candidates end up profiting from the process.


VideoApr 2017

George Monbiot: Kick the big money out of politics

(1:48) Environment and political activist George Monbiot presents his manifesto for a fair political funding system.


VideoFeb 2016

Hillary will tackle Berning issue of money in politics #1

(7:57) Bernie Sanders has forced Hillary Clinton to change her tune Wall Street, at least publicly.


VideoDec 2019

DDN | Secret elite group worth £50 billion fund Conservative Party

(4:32) The Conservative Party get over £130 million from a tiny group of donors called The Leaders Group.

VideoFeb 2016

TYT - Who is the real Establishment?

(6:28) Cenk Uygur follows the money in politics to reveal who are the real Establishment.


VideoMar 2016

Hillary Clinton's web of questionable donors

(17:54) Jordan Chariton takes a close look at some of the recent funding sources for the Hillary Clinton campaign.