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VideoMar 2020

NowThis | Bernie asked: how would you pay for free COVID-19 vaccines?

(3:25) A nurse provides the answer.


VideoApr 2020

Science Insider | Fastest way to end coronavirus is not vaccines, it's treatments

(9:44) A COVID-19 vaccine could be produced in record time, but it still wouldn't be fast enough to impact the current pandemic.

VideoApr 2019

Vox | Why measles is back in the US

(5:32) How 'herd immunity' can stop the spread of disease.

VideoMar 2019

Lewis Black | Measles make a comeback

(5:50) Comedian Lewis Black does his part to end the epedemic of stupid - anti-vaxxers.

VideoSep 2019

Trying to find a doctor at an anti-vaccine rally

(2:22) Lewis Spears joins an anti-vaccine rally in search of a doctor or medical expert.


VideoJun 2016

Kid scientist collects evidence that vaccines cause autism

(1:58) 12-year-old Mexican kid Marco Arturo has no time for anti-vaxxers.


VideoMar 2020

TED-Ed | How do vaccines work?

(4:35) How vaccines trigger an immune response and teach our bodies to recognise dangerous pathogens.

VideoApr 2020

The Hill | How big pharma is profiteering from the pandemic

(12:20) Executive director of Social Security Works, Alex Lawson explains how pharmaceutical companies have already started profiteering from the coronavirus pandemic.


VideoApr 2020

Real Science | The vaccine to end the pandemic?

(13:25) Great explainer for what's involved in developing a vaccine against COVID-19.

AnimationFeb 2018

Vaccines don't work: Debunked

(7:23) Facts to help you make the case for vaccines.