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VideoFeb 2016

Tim Cook defends Apple's encryption policy

(8:17) Apple CEO Tim Cook explains Apple's encryption and privacy policies.

VideoFeb 2016

Apple is the patriot

(8:38) Words in support of Apple CEO Tim Cook's stand against a court ruling requiring Apple to create a backdoor for the iPhone.


VideoMar 2019

Apple TV Plus 2019 event, in 7 minutes

(6:57) Apple introduce a host of new services including Apple News Plus, Apple Card, and Apple Arcade.


VideoMar 2019

Donald Trump thanks Tim Apple for his contribution to technology



VideoDec 2018

How Apple CEO Tim Cook makes and spends his millions

(3:41) Apple CEO Tim Cook's estimated net worth is $625 million, which is much lower than most of his tech CEO peers.

VideoJun 2019

Wide-ranging interview with Tim Cook that includes privacy, fake news and screen time

(13:45) Apple CEO Tim CDook talks to CBS anchor Norah O'Donnell.