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97%VideoSep 2016

Third parties expand the political discourse

(6:45) Jimmy Dore reviews policies of the Green Party.


94%VideoOct 2016

Jimmy Dore - Snowden, Assange & Manning tribute in Berlin

(6:08) A powerful display of how a society should treat whistleblowers.


94%VideoJul 2016

Jimmy Dore - UK politics after Brexit

(4:59) Jimmy Dore looks at the British media to help decipher what the hell is going on in British politics after Brexit.

88%VideoApr 2016

How much does a Danish McDonald's worker earn?

(7:49) If you want to see the American dream, go to Denmark.


88%VideoApr 2016

Jimmy Dore reacts to George Clooney interview

(10:08) Jimmy Dore reacts to Chuck Todd's softball interview with George Clooney.

88%VideoMay 2016

Jimmy Dore breaks down pro-fracking ad

(16:35) Pro-fracking video 'Top 5 Reasons Fracking Regulations Are Whack' is doing the rounds.


88%VideoJul 2016

Jill Stein interview at 2016 Democratic Convention

(13:54) Fight for the greater good like our lives depend on it.


88%VideoSep 2016

Jimmy Dore - Nominating Hillary was a huge mistake

(10:09) Latest polls show that a majority of Americans have serious concerns about Hillary Clinton's honesty.


88%VideoSep 2016

Wells Fargo caught scamming own customers

(11:25) And of course, no one is going to jail. Jimmy Dore investigates.

88%VideoOct 2016

Planet hottest in 115,000 years

(14:44) Global temperatures have reached levels not seen in 115,000 years, according to a new study by climatologist James Hanson. Jimmy Dore and the studio discuss.