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VideoMay 2016

TYT - Donald Trump's energy plan is insane

(14:54) Donald Trump advocates "energy independence", but what does that actually mean?


VideoMay 2016

Jimmy Dore: Hillary worse for America than Trump

(11:57) Jimmy Dore argues that if Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton became president, it might actually be a blessing in disguise.

VideoMar 2020

Jimmy Dore blasts Bernie's campaign strategy


VideoFeb 2016

In 2007, Hillary Clinton was unelectable. Has anything changed?

(8:29) The Clinton campaign claim that Hillary is more electable than Bernie. Jimmy Dore looks back to 2007 to see what people were saying then.


VideoSep 2016

Jimmy Dore speculates on Hillary's health

(10:10) Since Hillary Clinton's "stumble" at the 9/11 memorial service, the media has been speculating on whether she has Parkinson's disease.

VideoSep 2016

Jimmy Dore - What happens when Hillary Clinton is called honest

(7:41) When Florida politician Charlie Crist called Hillary Clinton honest, the crowd errupted.

VideoSep 2016

Jimmy Dore - What will happen if Donald Trump becomes president?

(10:36) Jimmy Dore and Rick Overton discuss what would happen if Donald Trump becomes US President.

VideoNov 2016

UK geography confuses Jimmy Dore, until now

(7:08) The United Kingdom, Great Britain and England - terms which are easily confused.


VideoAug 2018

Jimmy Dore - Kyle Kulinski's appearance on Fox News

(20:33) Are the democrats too far left?

VideoOct 2018

Jimmy Dore | Modern Monetary Theory

(33:55) American economist Stephanie Kelton explains MMT to Jimmy Dore.