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95%VideoApr 2016

Bernie Sanders predicted Panama Papers in 2011

(1:37) On October 12, 2011, Bernie Sanders opposed the Panama–United States Trade Promotion Agreement on the senate floor.


93%VideoApr 2016

What is a shell company?

(3:16) The Panama Papers leak showed Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca was one of the world's largest creator of shell companies. So what is a shell company?

87%VideoApr 2016

Panama Papers explained

(3:28) The Panama Papers are a set of 11.5 million confidential documents from Panamanian corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca, containing detailed information on over 214,000 offshore companies, including the identities of shareholders and directors.

87%VideoApr 2016

BBC - Panama Papers reveal how wealthy hide their money

(3:20) Unique glimpse into how the wealthy and powerful hide their money.

87%VideoMay 2016

The Panama Papers, what's next?

(7:49) On April 3, 2016 the largest data leak in history exposed how the rich and powerful are hiding vast amounts of money in offshore accounts away from tax collectors.

86%VideoApr 2016

Hillary Clinton championed Panama Trade Deal in 2011

(1:09) In 2011, President Obama and then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton pushed for a Bush administration-negotiated free trade agreement with Panama amid warnings it would make money laundering worse.


86%AnimationApr 2016

The Panama Papers, explained with piggy banks

(2:06) A massive document leak reveals the secrets of shell companies.

55%AnimationApr 2016

The Guardian - Panama Papers reveal how to hide a billion dollars

(1:38) The Panama Papers show how a network of secret offshore deals and vast loans has laid a trail to Russian president Vladimir Putin and some of his closest friends and family.