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VideoApr 2020

The Rational National | Oil crashes below $0 for first time ever

(10:55) Demand for oil has plummeted amid the Coronavirus crisis, but there's more to the record oil crash than just a fall in demand.


VideoNov 2018

VisualPolitik | How Norway's state capitalist system works

(15:16) Why Norway is so rich, and how they wield global power above their weight.


VideoApr 2017

Wind, nukes and oil

(8:53) News from the world of renewables.

VideoDec 2018

Why Louisiana stays poor

(15:24) With all Louisiana's wealth in natural resources and industry, why is it so poor?

VideoJun 2019

Kim Iversen | The real reason the US is picking a fight with Iran

(20:05) Radio host Kim Iversen gives a detailed background on how got to where we are now with Iran.

VideoFeb 2020

The Rational National | Divestment is destroying fossil fuel industry

(6:15) CNBC's resident investor Jim Cramer on why he's done with fossil fuels.

VideoJun 2019

How the US got hooked on foreign oil

(12:48) How did America get hooked on foreign oil when for almost a century, it was the world's largest oil producer?

VideoApr 2016

Michael Moore: Americans wouldn't believe what happens in Norway

(5:41) Michael More tells of his experiences when filming Sicko in Norway.


VideoOct 2016

USA 2016: 220 significant oil pipeline leaks

(3:40) The amount of oil spilled on American soil is increasing at an alarming rate, yet there's hardly a mention from mainstream media.


VideoOct 2018

How the UK blew its oil, but Norway didn't

(7:41) When oil was found under the North Sea, Britain and Norway had very different approaches to developing the resource.