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VideoOct 2017

What is sea level?

(2:57) In Calipatria, California, the town is below sea level, but their flag pole isn't.

VideoMar 2019

Conversation with Peter Wadhams about sea level rise

(11:44) Physics professor Peter Wadhams discusses one of the most destructive outcomes of climate change - global sea level rise.

VideoAug 2018

Sea level rise is definitely a hockey stick

(4:28) Planning for 2m+ sea level rise by the end of the century.

VideoApr 2019

How sea level rise will affect coastal cities

(7:21) The world is guaranteed to see 4 ft of sea level rise by 2100, just based on the greenhouse gases we have already put into the atmosphere.


VideoMay 2016

Which countries already have climate change refugees?

(4:00) Rising seas and violent storms are wreaking havoc on small island communities.

VideoOct 2018

Sea level rise is more than melting ice

(6:08) SGeology professor Andrea Dutton explains why the ocean is not flat.

VideoApr 2019

Lessons from the Dutch on fighting rising sea levels

(6:54) Windmills are more than just a traditional part of the Dutch landscape; they have played a key role in the war Holland has waged against the sea for centuries.

VideoMay 2018

Sea level rise is rising

(6:08) The connection between sea level rise, sunshine flooding, and climate change.

VideoJul 2016

Scientists look back to Ice Age to predict sea level rises

(12:21) The rising sea is the sleeping giant of climate change.


VideoDec 2016

Sheldon Whitehouse: Time to wake up to sea level rise

(17:14) The 22nd century will be the century of hell.