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VideoSep 2016

Jill Stein questions presidential debate qualifications

(1:38) Green Party leader Jill Stein discusses the arbitrary standards for being included in a presidential debate.

VideoOct 2016

TYT - How Jill Stein plans to handle Vladimir Putin

(3:09) If the Russians invaded Estonia, how would a Stein Administration handle the situation?

VideoJun 2016

TYT - Jill Stein on how Greens would cancel student loan debt

(8:36) There are 43 million young Americans with a student loan debt who should be listening.

VideoJul 2016

Jill Stein explains 'ranked choice voting'

(2:07) Clip from 2010 where Jill Stein explains the common sense voting system called 'ranked choice voting' which allows you to rank your choices.

VideoAug 2016

Who are Gary Johnson and Jill Stein?

(8:39) Clinton and Trump are not the only choices for president.

VideoAug 2016

Jill Stein on fighting ISIS and terrorism

(10:32) Kyle Kulinski comments on Green Party Jill Stein's approach to foreign policy and fighting terrorism.

VideoOct 2016

Jill Stein: The clock is ticking

(2:00) This is what democracy looks like.


VideoOct 2016

TYT - Jill Stein explains why third parties are not a wasted vote

(4:25) If not now, when can we break the 2-party tyranny that is American politics?


VideoNov 2016

Jill Stein takes questions outside Hillary Clinton's NYC HQ

(16:03) Green Party candidate explains why 5% is a significant number.

VideoSep 2016

Third parties expand the political discourse

(6:45) Jimmy Dore reviews policies of the Green Party.