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Philips 91%VideoApr 2009

Carousel, short film by Adam Berg

Philips cinematic feature to promote the Cinema 21:9 LCD TV. A single tracking shot captures a heist frozen in a revolution of time.


90%VideoMar 2011

2 clowns 1 cube

Bizarre circus act involving two jesters and a box. Fantabulous, as described by someone from the audience.


89%VideoNov 2008

Kung Fu Clowns

High flying, high kicking ad for Bell South Yellow Pages


87%VideoNov 2012

White supremacists face an overwhelming force of clowns

(1:59) Fighting racism with humour, is this the way to go?

87%VideoMay 2017

Puddles Pity Party - Space Oddity

(4:11) David Bowie's Space Oddity covered by 7ft clown Big Mike Geier, aka Puddles Pity Party.

86%VideoOct 2005

Clown urinal

Taking a leak made fun

86%VideoApr 2009

McDonald's - Ronald lives with his conscience (1976)

The commercial was public service announcement to get kids involved with recycling... just four years before the use of Styrofoam


86%VideoOct 2016

America’s creepy clown craze has come to the UK

(7:10) Aren't clowns supposed to be funny?


83%VideoFeb 2008

E-Trade - Born to bank

Baby talking advert for banking

82%PictureOct 2007

Clown scares riot police

Cops terrified of a little squirt