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VideoMar 2020

Eye to eye with a humpback whale in Antarctica

(1:04) A brief glimpse into the soul of the ocean.


Energy Bar VideoFeb 2006

Energy saving tip

Shut-eye at work

Apollo Optiks PictureMay 2005

Eye test

Need glasses?


InteractiveNov 2005

Pink and green dots

Seeing is believing


VideoMar 2007

Big Train - World Championship Staring Finals

Kampagnola pummelled into submission

VideoJul 2005

Hollow face illusion

Richard Gregory's ghostly head

PictureJul 2005

Droopy eyes

Ahhh - how cute

VideoFeb 2008

Jessica Alba staring contest

Jessica's entry for the ibeatyou stare competition

PictureSep 2009

Best visual illusion of the year

These images are actually identical, but the tower on the right looks more lopsided because the human visual system treats the two images as one scene. Our brains have learned that two tall objects in our view will usually rise at the same angle but converge toward the top. Because these towers are parallel, they do not converge, so the visual system thinks they must be rising at different angles.


VideoJul 2009

Richard Feynman - The inconceivable nature of nature

Physicist with waves of enthusiasm talking about the electromagnetic spectrum