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VideoFeb 2020

James O'Brien's reacts to Boris Johnson's project to build a bridge to Northern Ireland

(3:37) What is it with Boris Johnson and bridges.


VideoFeb 2020

James O'Brien | Which EU regulations should we get rid of?

(13:59) Four EU regulations that should be removed, according to LBC callers.


VideoSep 2019

James O'Brien | A caller who voted leave, changed his mind

(4:22) It started with a referendum, it should end with a referendum.

VideoMar 2020

LBC | James O'Brien | UK's negotiating position on Brexit explained

(2:37) Boris Johnson's administration has published the UK's negotiating position for a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU.

VideoDec 2017

James O'Brien - How Facebook affects our political beliefs

(4:18) Dan from Leicester explains how our very own Facebook algorithms are presenting an augmented reality of the world and influencing our political viewpoint.

VideoJan 2019

FIRE! James O'Brien's favourite Brexit analogy



VideoAug 2018

Expert schools James O'Brien on leaving Brexit with no deal

(7:21) The Treaties shall cease to apply...

VideoDec 2018

James O'Brien | Listener is glad Brexit is winding James up

(5:53) A listener texted in saying he was "glad" James O'Brien was getting so wound up over Brexit. This is what happened when James called him back.


VideoDec 2019

James O'Brien | Caller claims Corbyn's Labour echoes Nazi Germany


VideoJul 2019

James O'Brien | Tell me one thing you can do after Brexit that you can't do now

(6:15) When a Brexiteer told James O'Brien his company needs to relocate outside the EU to properly trade, it didn't go well.