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VideoDec 2004

Korean political speech

Passionate speech goofed

Channel 4 VideoDec 2004

Bears Xmas Tail

Make me bark like a mating fox...

VideoApr 2006

Sound effects

Dedicated engineers reproduce perfect likeness

VideoApr 2010

Straight teeth in less than a minute

Orthodontics is the treatment of irregularities in the teeth. This time-lapse video shows what braces can do over a period of 18 months.


PictureAug 2006

The cat with the golden tooth

Concerned dentist protects exposed teeth


VideoSep 2007

Dogs brushing their teeth - Bichon frise

End of ass licking bad breath

VideoFeb 2009

Chad Vader after dentist

In response to David after a visit to the dentist


VideoSep 2009

Beautiful Italian model in casting session

She's splendid butÖ nobody's perfect


VideoAug 2007

Whiter teeth on the cheap

Simple household items do a great job


VideoNov 2007

Simroid - Dental patient robot

Aspiring students play dentist on sensitive machine