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VideoFeb 2020

How pre-packaged sandwiches are made

(5:56) Wherever you travel, pre-packeged sandwiches are almost always on offer. Here's how they're made in mass quantities.


VideoAug 2018

Self-driving cars won't save cities - here's what will

(10:42) One day, the steering wheel will fade into history like jello salad. So will self-driving cars improve our congested cities?

VideoMar 2018

Automatic mahjong table

(1:14) Demonstration of how an automatic mahjong machine shuffles mahjong tile sets.

VideoOct 2018

This farm is run entirely with robots

(2:56) Iron Ox's fully autonomous farm in San Carlos, California.


AnimationFeb 2017

The last job on Earth

(2:52) According to scientists, machines could take 50% of our jobs in the next 30 years.


AnimationJun 2017

Automation, this time it's different

(11:40) In the Information Age, automation is different. Here's why.

VideoSep 2018

High-tech farm of the future

(8:13) Vertical farm start-up Bowery Farming grow kale in a factory with minimum humans.

VideoNov 2016

These conveyor belts are a trip

(0:59) Smart omnidirectional conveyor belts made by Intralox.

VideoMar 2019

Telephone Operator

(2:35) Which is worse, FOMO or FOOYBNIEO?

VideoJan 2017

White House predicts all driving jobs will be automated

(10:53) Jimmy Dore is skeptical.