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VideoJan 2020

Stephen Colbert | Bernie Sanders: I will do everything I can to stop war with Iran

(12:24) Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes the United States has no business going to war with Iran.

VideoJun 2005

Two men in coats

Double funny double act

VideoOct 2005

Winged migration

Daily Show report on Avian flu

VideoDec 2005

Interview for a janitor

Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase slog it out


VideoJan 2020

Fury Road's philosophy, explained by George Carlin



VideoApr 2006

Alan Partridge on the benefits of global warming

Norfolk celeb promotes the Broads

VideoJul 2005

Crack Spackle

Makes your crack look like your back

VideoMay 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Joe Rogan debate the moon landing

(35:31) Did we put a man on the moon in 1969?


VideoFeb 2006


Voiceover session for movie trailer

VideoOct 2008

Mock the Week - What the Queen didn't say...

Frankie Boyle's contribution when asked to think of something the Queen would not say in her Christmas speech topped the show and brought it to an abrupt end.