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93%PictureAug 2008

Russian soldiers find unknown creature from the deep

Found on Sakhalin shoreline the most eastern part of Russia. The bones and teeth are not that of a fish, its skeleton is neither a crocodile or alligator and it has a skin with hair or fur.


87%PictureMay 2008

The Skeleton Bar

Designed by Hans Rudi Giger (the artist responsible for the alien in Alien) is this bar in Gruyere, Switzerland


86%VideoOct 2017

Valmonos - Bringing vibrant skeletons to life

(2:46) Inspired by Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations, Butch Locsin and Maria Perez create art that celebrates life, death and humanity.

85%PictureFeb 2012

Gulliver's travels are finally over, RIP

Can you write a better caption?


FEATURED OCB 75%AnimationMay 2009

I wear no underwear

Bottomless girls at One Eye Jack pull a surprise


67%VideoJun 2005

X-ray paper

Bone revealing trick

65%PictureJul 2006

Sedlec Ossuary aka 'Bone Church'

The dead on display