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AnimationAug 2019

TLDR | Boris Johnson prorogues parliament

(11:57) Parliament will be suspended between from September 12 to October 14. What does this mean?


VideoAug 2019

Alastair Campbell | Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament may backfire

(6:55) Former Labour political strategistdiscusses Boris Johnson's proroguing of parliament.

VideoSep 2019

Jacob Rees-Mogg's body language says it all

(0:30) Sit up man!


VideoJul 2019

'Britain Trump' speaks in parliament for the first time as PM

(8:48) Boris Johnson responds to Jeremy Corbyn's accusation that he iwill make Britain a vassal state of Trump's America.

VideoSep 2019

TLDR | Boris Johnson's no-deal Brexit plans derailed, at least for now

(12:48) Overview of historic events in parliament when MPs vote to strip the government of the ability to govern.


VideoOct 2019

Brexit session at the European Parliament

(15:44) With only 22 days to go, anger and disrespect flare up at the European Parliament.

VideoSep 2019

Stephen Colbert | What US lawmakers can learn from Brexit

(4:37) Stephen Colbert finds inspiration in British lawmakers' methods.

VideoSep 2019

Boris Johnson dismisses inflammatory language as 'humbug'

(2:47) Boris Johnson dismisses fears that his use of language such as 'traitor' and 'betrayal' is dangerous in a heightened political climate.


VideoOct 2019

The Queen's Speech dissected

(3:41) Matt Chorley takes a look at the Queen's Speech, which was more like Boris Johnson's manifesto for fighting the general election.


VideoOct 2018

Robot addresses parliamentary inquiry on AI

(4:25) Pepper becomes the first robot to give evidence to a UK parliamentary inquiry.